Chicago Tribune’s review of the Tritonysia Play Festival and Janet Ruth Heller’s play Pledging

Here is the Chicago Tribune‘s Review of the Tritonysia Play Festival and my short play Pledging. This is the first performance of Pledging. “‘Tritonysia’ play festival offers mix of serious, humorous work,” posted May 8, 2017 by Rachel K. Hindery…
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Laura F. Deutsch’s new review of The Passover Surprise

“‘Passover Surprise’ puts its stamp on unfair treatment” by Laura F. Deutsch is a review of Janet Ruth Heller’s chapter book The Passover Surprise.  This review was published in The Jewish Advocate (based in Boston) on March 31, 2017 in a column…
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Sheila Deeth’s Review of Janet Ruth Heller’s chapter book The Passover Surprise

Here is the first paragraph of Sheila Deeth’s review of my middle-grade fiction chapter book The Passover Surprise. Janet Ruth Heller’s The Passover Surprise is a nicely illustrated chapbook for young readers with clear print, great chapter titles, well-placed black-and-white…
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