Article about Achievements by Entrepreneurs in 2017 includes Janet Ruth Heller

Janet Ruth Heller is included in the article “Entrepreneurs Explain Their Major Accomplishments in 2017,” now live at

This article was posted on December 24, 2017 on the website CEO Blog Nation.

Here is the paragraph about me:

#5– Revising poetry books

In July 2017, I finished revising a book of nature poetry. The collection includes poetry that I have written since the late 1960s. I spent a lot of 2017 deciding which of my many poems about nature were the best, deciding on major structural divisions for the book, and arranging the poems in a logical order. I have been sending the manuscript to publishers since July. So far, I do not have any offers to publish my book; however, I will keep submitting the collection to editors and presses.

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